My own research and writings are aimed at four different audiences:

(1) the scientific community of my peers;
(2) doctoral students and researchers in training;
(3) managers and other organizational members; and
(4) economic policy makers.

While there is some overlap in the content, each audience must obviously be approached with a unique style and rhetoric. A special sub-category of (1) is my work as a statistician in which I collaborate with experts from other substantive fields of inquiry. In these writings, my collaborators are typically the lead authors and my contribution is in the analysis parts.

My lead-authored scientific writings focus on organization design, strategic decision-making, and research methodology. The writings aimed at students and researchers in training address primarily the use of statistical methods in empirical research. My focus is always on understanding research practice: the way research is actually done at the grassroots. I have little interest in discussing ideals and hypotheticals.

As scientific advisor and consultant, I have been involved in numerous research projects in various fields of inquiry. Topics have included firm growth, firm reputation, innovation, economic policy, psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, immigration, and nuclear safety. Clients have included universities, research organizations, government organizations, think tanks, hospitals, and private business firms.